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Stable and Reliable Operation 24/7

Pool staking balance: 1461300.905964

Last 24H stake: 200

Last 7 Days stake: 2000

Last 30 Days stake: 8000

Rausipool Trezarcoin staking is in beta phase

0% pool fees

A small pool fee will be added when Trezarcoin core implementation will support it. Estimate Q4/2021.

Trezarcoin and Cold Staking

Trezarcoin is fast, reliable and secure through the hybrid Proof-of-Work & Proof-of-Stake.

Usecases: Coinkit, TrezarMessage, TrezarFundme, TZCFarm (similar pool than Rausipool). More infoTrezarcoin Web


Trezarcoin support Cold staking feature which gives you the opportunity to delegate your coins to a staking pool that pays out the rewards directly to the Cold Staking Address created for you

The funds NEVER leave your wallet and you can spend or transfer them at any time

Recommended minimum delegation amount is 10000TZC ~Days needed to hit Probability is 14 Days

Currently only Trezarcoin Core wallet (win, linux, mac) support delegation to Cold staking address

Start your delegation below

Generate Cold Staking Address

Add spending address and press button Genarate cold address

Check Balance

Add your Cold staking address and press Check balance

  • Trezarcoin Web
  • Cold Staking Guide
  • Stable and Reliable Operation 24/7