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Welcome to RausiPool Page

RausiPool | Stable and Reliable Operation 24/7 | Finland
Please come and join by delegating to RausiPool
Decentralization Decentralization

Own servers, Located in Finland. Real Decentralization. No cloud servers or VPS providers used. If you want to support a real Cardano decentralization then this pool is for you

goal Long term goal

The RausiPool is a stake pool established in December 2019. Our purpose is to run RausiPool in long term and support Cardano ecosystem

goal Reliability

Automated operations to keep pool uptime near 100%. Daily backups and UPS protection. Active development. We have succesfully run RausiPool in testnet, now we continue that on with Mainnet

fees Competitive fees

We minimize operational expenses so that you can keep as many of your rewards as possible. Anyway we have to keep our fees on a healthy level to be able to run our systems in long term.

Pool Specs

Ticker RAUSI
Pool id cbd910f09f2c4f4804eeed10003da6dc8be4970950eaec93b7d76fc6
BECH32 Pool Id pool1e0v3puyl9385sp8wa5gqq0dxmj97f9cf2r4weyah6ahuvxenhhy
Pledge 5.0k₳
Fixed fee 340₳ (minimum allowed)
% fee 1.9%
Online status

Live Stake:
Active Stake:
ROS %:
Last Reward Epoch:
Blocks Lifetime:
Blocks in epoch:
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If the pool earned a 5000₳ (ADA) in particular epoch(=5 days period) and it charges 340₳ fixed fee + 1.9% fee, then first the fixed fee is subtracted which leaves 4660₳ and from there 1.9% is taken leaving 4571₳ to distribute to the stakers


Currently 5.0k₳ declared pledge. Actual pledge is more. Pledge basicly means that pool operator have to keep at least declared pledge amount in owner wallet. If amount going below declared pledge then pool is not producing any blocks, means no rewards for delegators and pool operator. No changes % fee at least in 1st operating year (30.07.2020- 29.07.2021).

More about parameters -> Staking incentive parameters

Staking info

You can delegate to RausiPool from Daedalus or Yoroi wallets with the following

ticker: RAUSI

Your funds are safe! You delegate staking from your wallet to the pool of your choice. The funds NEVER leave your wallet and you can spend or transfer them at any time.

Why pool fee! Running stake pool needs some work and time. Pool monitoring is needed and also development for monitoring tools and scripts. Internet connection and electricity requires money Hardware for operating pool needs to be up and running 24/7 and there is always a risk that some spare parts are needed e.g new SSD disk, new power supply, new network adapter etc.